das multispeciality hospital infrastructure chembur mumbai

Hitech with Human Care

  •   Eight bedded ICCU with comfortable ambience All beds have highly sensitive HP monitors with all parameter monitors probes
  •   12 lead ECG on A4 size paper which can be faxed to your consultant
  •   Central monitoring station
  •   24 hours intensivists and well trained nurses
  •   Invasive as well as non invasive monitoring of BP
  •   3 Dragger ventilators with Inbuilt BIPAP
  •   Temporary pacing facilities available
  •   Syringe pumps & capnograph

Pathology - USG & 2D Echo

Open 24 Hours, open to all.

  •   Day and Night Pathology Lab
  •   All equipments from Transasia
  •   Pathologist is supported by 4 well trained lab technicians
  •   Accreditation by CMC Vellore with weekly standardisation by Transasia - a name you can trust in lab equipments
  •   No emergency / extra lab charges levied during night
  •   Open to both in patients and outside people on an OPD basis
  •   A reliable and fair priced well standardized pathology lab
  •   Histopathology, Cytology & Microbiology besides routine pathology tests
  •   Home collection of blood samples by expert technicians at an additional cost
  • Ultrasonography, 2D ECHO, Colour Doppler & Portable X-ray facilities available
das multispeciality hospital infrastructure chembur mumbai


das multispeciality hospital infrastructure chembur mumbai

Uncompromised, quality treatment at reasonable costs

  •   Machines donated by J V Gokal - Jeevan Jyot Drug Bank
  •   Haemodialysis machines work round the clock with well trained technicians and are supervised by doctors in consultation with a nephrologist
  •   Reverse Osmosis to supply pure water to the dialysis units
  •   We dialyse about 200 patients a month
  •   AV fistula performed at reasonable charges by our urologists
  •   The rates for haemodialysis (from 7am to 11pm) inclusive of dialyser and tubing is Rs. 550 only
  •   The charitable cost of the dialysis does not compromise on the quality of equipment, safety or the service.

Operation Theatres

Designed for surgeon's comfort & patient's safety

  •   Two operation theatres for major and minor surgeries in all specialities
  •   Remote controlled automatic operation tables to facilitate positioning of patient
  •   Shadowless ALM OT lights with prismatic mirrors
  •   Anaesthesia equipment from Datex Ohemeda -M 904 E Vaporisers with Isoflurane and Halothane
  •   Central oxygen and nitrous oxide present in OT
  •   Orthopaedic supports - C ARM with image intensifer - Mammarn drill - Pneumatic tourniquet
  •   Operating microscope for opthalmic and ENT surgeries
  •   Laparoscopic surgery equipments with digital camera and monitor with video recording facilities
  •   Harmonic ultrasonic scalpel for bloodless & safe laparoscopic surgery
  •   Newer technique of OT fumigation with Endovil
  •   Steam as well as ETO Gas Sterlisers.
  •   Well trained staff to assist you
das multispeciality hospital infrastructure chembur mumbai