das multispeciality hospital chembur with ICCU mumbai

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Everyone is staying at home and practicing social distancing.

With the skyrocketing figure of coronavirus-infected patients, people with other illnesses are finding it challenging to find hospitals during an urgency. While safeguarding from coronavirus and staying home, one should also understand ignoring their other medical issues can equally be hazardous.

Taking into consideration the issues faced by non-COVID patients in getting the necessitated treatment, the government has allocated hospitals to treat only non-COVID cases. We - Das Multispeciality Hospital - are dedicated to treating non-COVID patients and recognized as the Non-COVID Hospital in Chembur, Mumbai vicinity.

So, What should you do during this crisis if you need medical care for a condition unrelated to COVID-19?

If you have a condition which needs immediate medical attention or you are suffering from some chronic disorder you can take below mention points into consideration

das multispeciality hospital chembur with ICCU mumbai
das multispeciality hospital infrastructure chembur mumbai

Avoid skipping crucial appointments

You must keep essential visits with your doctor for constant illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, neurological issues, pre- and post-natal care, and pediatrics. Appointments can be attended at the hospital or virtually, as per the need and convenience. Verify with your physician to see which alternative is best for you.

Do Not Delay in Seeking Medical Help During Non-COVID Emergency

People should not delay in seeking emergency help out of fear of contracting coronavirus in the hospital. Non-COVID Hospitals make sure that they are taking an adequate amount of care and precaution to safeguard its patient as well as workers from contracting coronavirus. All the regulatory guidelines are followed before administering a patient in the hospital. So there is no need to worry about the virus. Because of fear of the contracting virus, avoiding emergency care for conditions unrelated to COVID-19 can turn out to be more fatal.

das multispeciality hospital infrastructure chembur mumbai
das multispeciality hospital infrastructure chembur mumbai

When to visit the hospital/emergency room

Several medical conditions are considered emergencies — whether related or unrelated to COVID-19 — because they can demand fast or advanced treatments — such as surgery — that are only possible in a hospital setting.

- WHO Guidelines To Follow -